Day 6: Back on track

OK, Thursday was a bit of a wobble. Thank you to everyone who send advice and messages of support. It’s appreciated and makes a difference. I have taken every bit of advice received! I have been drinking more water, taking a magnesium supplement and standing up more at work. Or it might have been a short bout of flu or caffeine withdrawal. Whatever it was, it’s over now and I’m back on track.

I’m spending a huge amount of time preparing and cooking food. For example, it is 4:30pm on Saturday and I have spent almost the whole day doing stuff – baking a loaf, doing a batch of yogurt, making two days’ worth of vegetable soup, defrosting food for the week, doing a small basic ingredients shop (whole milk for yogurt and flour for bread) and preparing ingredients for making a pizza later (a batch of dough in the bread machine and reducing some passata into a tomato puree). I can absolutely see that 100 years ago, preparing food for a family from basic ingredients like this was a full-time job.

Another thing I’ve reflected on since Thursday is that a basic diet is a lot better with a bit of imagination. I remember stories from the war years about people who managed to turn out tasty and varied meals from very limited resources. That’s one of the things I was lacking a few days ago. I’m trying harder now to mix it up and it’s making a measurable difference to my mood!

Picture below is the vegetable soup I’ll be eating on Sunday and Monday night (cabbage, leaks, chillies, onions, tomatoes, apple, cornflour, bay, sage) and the loaf I baked this morning.

bread and soup


One thought on “Day 6: Back on track

  1. Good to hear all is well again. Was going to suggest lots of water and protein in The diet to attack the muscle pain but didn’t get round to it. Hope you don’t mind the cooking. R isn’t on your distribution list and is feeling left out. Could you add him, pl? Don’t take any risks with your health. Bon appetit H and R

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